Payment & Insurance Information

Positive Outcome Physical Therapy is a private pay practice. We are an out of network provider for all private insurance companies. We will provide you with a detailed invoice to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement according to your specific planWith our approach, we feel confident we can get you better in fewer visits than you would need at an insurance based clinic.

What is private pay physical therapy?

Essentially, this means that we are a physical therapy clinic that does not go through insurance companies.  Our patients pay us directly for each one hour session of personalized 1-on-1 manual-based physical therapy.  It allows us to treat patients as we see fit without being dictated by insurance rules and regulations. If you have been to a traditional physical therapy clinic, you were probably asked to attend 2-3 times per week for a certain length of time depending on the nature of your injury and what your insurance company allows. Each of your appointments was probably 30 minutes long, and your therapist, through no fault of their own, probably had to spread their time and attention among more than one patient during your appointment slot. So in reality you most likely spent 20 minutes one-on-one with your therapist during that 30 minute appointment. The rest of the time you may have been with a less qualified clinician or aide performing an unsupervised activity. This isn’t the case with all clinics, but it is the growing trend for insurance-based clinics to operate this way.


Positive Outcome Physical Therapy does not accept health insurance at all?

We do not directly accept health insurance.  At the end of each visit, the patient pays us for the services. In many cases your insurance company will reimburse you for physical therapy services. It depends on your specific insurance plan and whether you have out-of-network benefits. Positive Outcome recommends you contact the insurance company to check your out-of-network benefits prior to your first visit if you plan on submitting your claims to your insurance company.   After each visit you will be sent an invoice with all of the necessary information you need to submit a claim for reimbursement to your insurance company or application to your deductible.


Why does Positive Outcome Physical Therapy not bill insurance companies directly?

Insurance companies are continually cutting reimbursement rates. With the decline in reimbursement, many clinics are forced to see multiple patients at the same time, so you receive only half or one-third of the attention you deserve. Or, the clinic uses  less qualified clinicians for some of your treatment time. With a private pay practice, we are able to decide how we want to treat patients as we are not regulated by the insurance companies.  This allows us to provide 1-on-1 care for our patients over the course of the entire one hour treatment session with the same physical therapist every time.


What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept checks, cash, credit cards, and flex spending account and health savings account cards.


Will I end up paying more for private pay physical therapy?

In many cases, the out-of-pocket expenses for a course of physical therapy will actually be LESS for services provided by Positive Outcome. Clients will often find that the out of pocket costs are comparable to in-network costs when they factor in co-pays, deductibles,  noneed to see physician or other provides prior to PT for referral, and hour long sessions that yield effective results in less time and fewer visits. Not participating in the insurance game grants us more time to treat clients in a personalized way that delivers results.

As an example, if your current copay for physical therapy is $40 and you are seeing your therapist 3 days/week in a traditional outpatient PT setting, that works out to an upfront cost $120/week for about 15-30 minutes per visit of 1-on-1 attention from your therapist. Depending on the condition, it’s common for you to be in therapy for 6-8 weeks (that could be 24 PT visits!), which works out to a total cost of $720-$960 in copays alone.

If you are receiving 1 hour treatments at Positive Outcome you may only require 1 visit per week for 4-7 weeks (an average of 4-7 visits). This means your total cost would only be approximately $380-$665. Additionally, if you have out-of-network insurance benefits, your insurance company may reimburse a large portion of your services with us.

The cost savings at Positive Outcome are also magnified if you have a high deductible on your insurance plan, if your insurance company has denied further PT for your condition, or if you have used all of your allotted visits for the year. If your situation falls in any of these scenarios, you are going to pay out of pocket for your care if you do therapy at a traditional PT office that accepts insurance. In this typical scenario you are still going to be getting only 15-30 minutes of attention from your therapist, but instead of simply paying your copay, you’ll pay for the entire visit.

If you combine not only the money saved, but also factor in time saved with fewer visits, and less time in pain, you will see why Positive Outcome Physical Therapy is providing a bargain to our clients.


What are the benefits of Positive Outcome Physical Therapy?

  • 60 minutes of one-on-one time with each one of our patients, primarily using manual therapy that has been shown to show superior outcomes and better results than standard physical therapy care.

  • No physician script or referral needed. Receive immediate treatment. 

  • Fewer total visits. We are able to spend more time with the patient (60 minutes per visit) since we only see one patient at a time, therefore getting faster results in fewer visits.

  • Access to your physical therapist. At Positive Outcome Physical Therapy we’re available to answer any questions or concerns 7 days a week by phone, email, or text.

  • Save valuable time by scheduling an evaluation immediately since no referral is needed, treatment on day one of appointment, fewer visits, and the value of feeling better sooner

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